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HomeHobby by 3L Watercolor Paper Pad A4 10 sheeets

Watercolor Pad

Item no.:14006
Price for 1 Piece
7,99  EUR
Watercolor Studio

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• A4 Size 8.27in x 11.69in / 21cm x 29.7cm
• 140 lb / 300 g/m2
• 10 Sheets
• White Paper Cold Press 
• 100% Natural Cotton
• Acid Free

HomeHobby by 3L Watercolor Pad

is a high quality cold press, glue-bound pad of 10 sheets.

Before painting, we recommend you to stretch your paper to avoid the paper warping or buckling during drying process. If you use a small area of the paper, this quality (140 lb (300g/m2) can manage a paintng without stretching the paper. There are lots of methods how to stretch watercolor paper.

We recommend:
1. Attach watercolor paper to a board on all four edges with masking tape.
2. Apply lukewarm water evenly across entire paper with a brush or sponge.
3. Allow to air dry, or use a hairdryer.
4. Begin painting! We advise you to keep the masking tape in place while painting.


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