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E-Z Runner Permanent Strips Original Dispenser,  33ft/10m

E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Original Dispenser

Item no.:01644-6
Price for 1 
6,20  EUR
Permanent, White

Delivery:Ships Within 2-3 Working Days
Product Features:

• 33ft / 10m length in a non-refillable dispenser
• 0.3in / 8mm wide pre-cut strips of white, permanent, double-sided adhesive
• Strips allow easy application in curves and circles
• Use in single strips or lines
• For paper, photos, embellishments
• Archival Safe
Our E-Z Original dispenser is still a favorite of crafters everywhere! It's easy to use, featuring ridges for finger and thumb placement. Dispense E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips in lines, curves and circles.

Ridges for finger placement make the E-Z Runner® Permanent StripsOriginal Dispenser easy to use, even for beginners! Adhesive applies smooth, fast, touch-free, and without additional liners to remove. The unbreakable clear liner rolls up internally, leaving you with no mess and no fuss! No dry time or set up time!

Use E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips are perfect for scrapbooking, card making, mixed media and DIY. Wear Your Adhesive On the Outside - embellish E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips with Foil, Pigment Powder, glitter and more!

Recycle the non-refillable E-Z Runners when the adhesive is used.

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