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Art Brush Set

Art Brush Set

Item no.:14022
Price for 1 Pack
9,49  EUR
Paint Studio, Watercolor Studio

Delivery:Ships Within 2-3 working Days

• 1 Flat 20
• 1 Filbert 18
• 1 Round 10
• 1 Round 8
• 1 Round 4
• Synthetic brushes
• Wood Handles
• Metal Ferrule

HomeHobby by 3L Art Brushes

are high quality, perfectly shaped, synthetic paint brushes for watercolor and acrylic paint.

How to Use the Art Brushes:
  • Flat 20 mm for wider brushstrokes and sharp lines
  • Filbert 18 mm for wider, smooth rounded brushstrokes
  • Round 10 mm for both larger and smaller details
  • Round 8 mm for small details 
  • Round 4 mm for the smallest details

The Art Brushes can absorb a lot of paint, which allow an artist to vary the layering of paint by by the amount of pressure against the paper or canvas. More pressure applies more paint, lighter pressure applies less paint.

High quality synthetic hair helps the brush maintain its original shape.

Cleaning: Use water and mild soap to clean your brushes.
Storage: Always store your brushes with the tips up never leave your brushes with the tips in the water.


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