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Sketch Studio Kit Plus • Three Egrets by Robin Berry • Intermediate

Sketch Studio Kit Plus • Three Egrets by Robin Berry • Intermediate

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Intermediate Sketch

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• Step-by-Step guide for:
 Three Egrets by Robin Berry
 Cactus by Helle Koed
 The Sea by Helle Koed

• Skill Level: Intermediate
• 66 Piece Sketch Studio Kit
Sketch Set
Fine Tip Pens
Sketching Pencils
Watercolor Pencils
Pencil Sharpener

Conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71

The HomeHobby by 3L Sketch Studio Kit Plus • Three Egrets by Robin Berry

is an all-inclusive studio containing everything you need to learn how to sketch in your own studio. Inside this kit you'll find 66 pieces of artist quality art supplies that have been specially selected by award winning artists.

This kit includes Step-by-Step Instructions, and and a Studio Image to complete the exclusive Three Egrets sketch by artist Robin Berry.

As a bonus, 2 additional Step-by-Steps and Studio Images are included! Learn how to sketch The Sea and Cactus by artist Helle Koed.

Follow along as Robin Berry and Helle Koed instruct you from starting the initial sketch, to blending of watercolor paints to the techniques used to create your works of art. Find video instruction on our 123-Creative Blog for Three Egrets.

Skill Level: Intermediate Some experience is recommended in order to complete the works of art in this Sketch Studio Kit. With our step-by-step guides and video inspiration, learn how to draw with easy to follow instructions and techniques. 

Visit the our youtube channel for more techniques and ideas